u r zero

I hate my self!!!!

Someone, please call the doctor, I am going crazy right now. I really need space and I wish to have extra time. Let me be alone with my own self. I am my own worst enemy. I want to be somebody else. I want to switch body with other people. Hey, Is there anyone willing to switch body with me (*wink)..(result turn zerrooo)

Back to problem ----> And I don’t even can look myself in the mirror. Because it is very annoying to see the face that I should proud off. This face brings a lot of failure, tears, humiliating stuff, etc. Please, I am very disappointed with my self.

Question: Did you a loser?
My answer : not really (I refuse to admit it even it is a fact.)

I really need time to forgive my own self for all the disappointing stuff that his create all the way long.

GraffiTee ; Awesome

Yesterday, I went to KLCC with a friend of mine..

Intention = window shopping

But unfortunately, I was been surprise with the new outlet of Graffitee open here in KLCC..Spontaneously I went inside and look for the new arrival stuff..OMG the men scarf was awesome..i just grab the scarf and buy it.. ( the picture of the scarf will be upload in the next post )

This is some of the awesome design of Graffitte shirt

cost around RM60.00 to RM99.00

Graffi Tee = ingenious inscription..

cool huh..
so what are you waiting for?..
go there and discover this awesome brand by your own self..

bye bye..

new year in bed room


Last day of year 2008

At the office (internship program):

times goes by so slowly.

Nadia and I felt really bored because today

we didn’t have any work to do

our supervisor on leave

on the way back home

I am stuck in traffic jam..

The core traffic jam..

I am homed at 7.16 p.m..

In my bedroom

While waiting for New Year countdown

I’m chatting with my friends..


I’m watching We Got Married via youtube..

Countdown time:

the time crawling

bye bye 2008

welcome january 2009

and not to forget the firework

what is your resolution for this new year??..

what eva it is..i hope you will get what you wish for..

with that i thank you..