new year in bed room


Last day of year 2008

At the office (internship program):

times goes by so slowly.

Nadia and I felt really bored because today

we didn’t have any work to do

our supervisor on leave

on the way back home

I am stuck in traffic jam..

The core traffic jam..

I am homed at 7.16 p.m..

In my bedroom

While waiting for New Year countdown

I’m chatting with my friends..


I’m watching We Got Married via youtube..

Countdown time:

the time crawling

bye bye 2008

welcome january 2009

and not to forget the firework

what is your resolution for this new year??..

what eva it is..i hope you will get what you wish for..

with that i thank you..


renjizakura said...

aku terharu aku nye skype ade kt dlm blog ko