u r zero

I hate my self!!!!

Someone, please call the doctor, I am going crazy right now. I really need space and I wish to have extra time. Let me be alone with my own self. I am my own worst enemy. I want to be somebody else. I want to switch body with other people. Hey, Is there anyone willing to switch body with me (*wink)..(result turn zerrooo)

Back to problem ----> And I don’t even can look myself in the mirror. Because it is very annoying to see the face that I should proud off. This face brings a lot of failure, tears, humiliating stuff, etc. Please, I am very disappointed with my self.

Question: Did you a loser?
My answer : not really (I refuse to admit it even it is a fact.)

I really need time to forgive my own self for all the disappointing stuff that his create all the way long.


renjizakura said...

x baik ckp cmtu
cth terbaik ialah koterpilih masuk um.
ramei lg orng nk masuk u x dpt.
ko ade masalh depression ni.
cube ko kuar hang out dgn aku.
lpas tu mest ok nye

Bintang said...

mana boleh switch2 body.
ini anugerah Tuhan.
apa yang boleh kita buat
adalah berusaha menjadi
seseorang yang terbaik
di mata manusia
malah sewajibnya di mata Tuhan
yang Esa.
selagi hidup
kita masih mampu berubah