" Strumming my pain with your sweet face
singing my life with your words
killing me softly with your HALO
killing me softly with your HALO
telling my whole life with your words
killing me softly with your HALO "

I heard your voice for the 1st time, when you ask me some question; the question that makes my heart beat faster than before, from your voice I know and I really sure that u had that style; the quality of style that will allow you to run free in my artery.

I can felt you always exist near me even we are apart. I always felt u always lingers around me every single second, hours an day of my life. I always felt that my own shadow is your shadow.

If one day u r not here anymore by my side; along my journey of life. I will be like a winter flower underground that always thirsty for summer rain…… and if u still not coming back to me……

Dh xdek idea nk sambung ape..hehehe..ini xdek kaitan dgn aku ye..sesaje je nak menulis..huhuhu..dont ge me wrong okie..


renjizakura said...

ye la tu bukan pasal ko

teddybearhijo~ \\(^^)"// said...

sambg lah! haduih, potong stim aja...